Comparing House Windows For Sale In Easton, PA

Replacement home windowsReplacing your old, drafty windows with new, more efficient windows for sale in Easton, Pennsylvania, improves your home’s beauty and value while lowering your utility bills. Piscitello & Son sells a diverse selection of replacement windows that meet or exceed Energy Star requirements from some of the best manufacturers.

Types Of Windows

Windows are an essential part of your home’s character and allow light and fresh breezes to enter. Selecting the right windows for your home and lifestyle often depends on where you’re installing them and their purpose. Each window style offers its own unique benefits. Popular window choices include:

  • Awning windows are hinged at the top to allow outward opening from the bottom. They’re ideal for ventilation, even during light rainstorms, and can replace costly air conditioning in mild environments.
  • Bay windows angle out from your home’s walls and combine a large centrally placed picture window with casement or double-hung windows on the ends for a stylish exterior and the appearance of more space in small interiors.
  • Bow windows give rooms new style and dimensions by combining three to six equal-sized sections of windows in various combinations of fixed or ventilating units.
  • Casement windows are side mounted and swing in at a 90-degree to allow exterior window pane cleaning from inside your home. Plus, two continuous seals of weather-strip around the perimeter stop costly drafts.
  • Double-hung windows offer a traditional look, with less maintenance through a tilt-in feature that allows for cleaning inside your home. Since the upper and lower part of the widow both open, you’ll enjoy superior air ventilation.
  • Egress windows are ideal for bedrooms and finished basements for increased light and visibility and because they’re large enough to provide an emergency means of exiting your home.
  • Garden windows project outward for plentiful light on four sides, making them ideal for growing plants or installation over a kitchen sink.
  • Hopper windows swing inward from the top but only open halfway, which make them popular in small rooms or anywhere you need better ventilation.
  • Picture windows come in standard or casement versions and are ideal for living rooms or anywhere you want to maximize your viewing area.
  • Horizontal slider windows open by sliding left or right, which makes them ideal for rooms facing porches or patios or consumers looking for ease of operation compared to crank-style windows.

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