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Piscitello Home Center in Easton, Pennsylvania, offers premium-quality kitchen and bathroom products. To make your dream design a reality, you need a reliable contractor to complete your kitchen or bathroom remodel. Here are some tips on how to evaluate potential candidates.

Ask For Referrals

One way to find a qualified kitchen and bath contractor is through word of mouth. Friends, relatives, co-workers and other people you trust make excellent sources. Ask them what made their experience a positive one and why they’re confident of their recommendation.

Check References

Piscitello Home Center provides a list of local kitchen and bath contractors whose references we’ve checked. We highly recommend you request current references and qualifications prior to engaging any contractor to work on your remodel. References should come from previous clients and subcontractors they’ve worked with.

Interview Multiple Candidates

Schedule interviews with at least three candidates before choosing who to hire. Have a list of questions ready to ask, and request written bids from each candidate. Don’t forget to ask questions about the contractor’s experience with local ordinances, building codes and permitting.

Compare Bids

To ensure submitted bids are compared accurately, be sure to review each specific task description and all the materials listed. Higher bids may include additional tasks or lower bids may utilize inferior materials. Piscitello Home Center sells plumbing supplies and building materials from top manufacturers, so contact us if you have material comparison questions or if you need a material or supply price quote.

Verify Licenses And Insurance

All kitchen and bath contractors should be licensed, although the specific guidelines and procedures vary by city and state. Contractors should also carry business insurance, and it’s important to always verify what is covered by their policy. You should feel comfortable asking your potential future contractor for copies of licenses and insurance policies.

Check Complaints And Litigation

Contact the Better Business Bureau and Department of Consumer Affairs in your state to see if a contractor has had any complaints or lawsuits against them. Also, check with professional disciplinary boards and local court records for past problems.

Read Online Reviews

Online reviews are useful sources for complaints and compliments from previous clients. Find credible reviews by utilizing reputable websites that verify its reviewers and forbid anonymous reviews. However, never rely solely on internet reviews or substitute them for checking references.

Check Our Recommended Contractors List

The right contractor can make the difference between a successful kitchen or bath remodel and a complete disaster. Never make the final payment until your job is 100% completed and you’re completely satisfied with the results. And if you’re not sure where to start, check out our recommended contractors list or call us for more information about your options today.

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