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Two of the most important areas of the home are the kitchen and bathroom. We spend more time in those rooms than we think, and giving them a face-lift is sometimes necessary. If you’re considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel, we offer home products by top-quality manufacturers can make your dreams become reality.

At Piscitello’s Home Center, we have been offering premier kitchen designs and bathroom layouts for more than three generations. We offer flexible and convenient options for your home and can walk you through the process of selecting the perfect design for your home.

Kitchen Remodeling

Whether you’re looking to replace the kitchen floors, countertops or cabinets, remodeling can provide a fresh look that will make meal preparation more pleasant. Kitchen remodeling can be a partial or complete makeover, depending on your ultimate goal.

You can decide to replace your cabinet doors with newer, modern tones and finishes, or replace your kitchen countertops with natural stone such as quartz, marble or granite. Either way, going for a uniform and coordinated feel for your kitchen can breathe new life into the home.

At Piscitello’s Home Center, we are offer products and services from the best manufacturers to the Lehigh Valley area and Western New Jersey. We can help you begin your journey toward a new kitchen and can give it a much-needed face-lift by installing top-quality products.

Bathroom Remodeling

Are you considering a new look for your bathroom? Piscitello’s Home Center can help you remodel this important space while keeping the two most important factors in mind: utility and comfort.

The goal of bathroom remodeling is to have accessories that serve a specific function and provide added comfort. Our bathroom remodeling focuses on making the space more efficient by incorporating the latest trends and technology and increasing aesthetic appeal.

With a combination of bathroom finishes, flooring options and lighting selections, Piscitello’s Home Center provides items from the top manufacturers in the industry to turn your outdated bathroom into a comfortable haven.

When it comes to bathroom or kitchen remodeling, home products from our line of manufacturers are tough to beat.

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